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Our Process Consulting Services helps clients achieve operational excellence. With our experience and expertise on Agile - Scrum software development process, We help our clients to benchmark processes against the best in the industry and provide solutions based on the vision of the company. In the current context, most of the software solution providers are facing challenges such as high re-work efforts, scope creeps, schedule variations due to frequent changes in requirements, lack of customer validation at periodic intervals etc. Increasing expectations on quality, Shorter iterations and requirement for innovative, robust, cost effective and quick prototyping framework The concepts of AGILE helps in addressing all these problems by providing benefits of accelerated delivery cycles, Improved quality and productivity / reduced cost, increased visibility and ability to inspect and adapt to and match the evolving business needs We have extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the Agile methods practiced in the industry, its benefits, applicability in different scenarios and constraints. Choosing the right method or a blend of practices from different methods becomes important in successful Agile adoption.

Agile Consulting

Planning software development projects can be tricky. Even most "experts" in the industry rarely get it right. Our team's combined experience means that we have seen projects fail time and time again, usually because they have used traditional "waterfall" methods of project planning: a large amount of work is completed at the beginning of the project, including tons of user and technical documentation; and based on all of this documentation a time line is set out (with the hope that no major changes will arise). Scrum Methodology - Requirements just detailed enough to begin work

- Iterative development using 2-4 week "sprints"

- Daily team updates and client input

- Planning and review with each sprint

- Results, a production-ready product at the end of every sprint

The reality is, something always changes. Features set out at the beginning of projects no longer desirable. Businesses change internally, which can change the date by which a system may be needed. Technology changes, which can affect the design choices made at the outset of a project. We've come to realize that in order for projects to be successful, the ability to change our projects has to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the real world. The term "agile" is used to describe a variety of software development methodologies (such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Adaptive Software Development, Feature Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Lean, etc...). We believe that our tailor made Consulting Services extends to much more than just a methodology. Here's what "AGILE" means to us and our clients:

- Open for changes at any given point of time. Past methods of planning projects involved a heavy expectation that no changes to requirements could be introduced, or there would be significant delays or financial penalties to the client. With our consulting services, we believe change is part of the learning process, and will support this by structuring the projects in short cycles that allow us to introduce changes at any given point of time.

- Early and continuous involvement of Clients. As the clients are the owners of their solutions, and should have control over what the end product looks like. Instead of taking and working only on documents for months together and coming back with a solution which may not fit the client's needs; we encourage clients to be involved In the process, encourage frequent communication and solicit constant feedback. This ensures that the end result will not only meet, but in most cases exceed the client's expectations.

- Ensuring highest degree of quality. Through the use of iterations, we constantly look for client feedback; our consulting service ensures delivery of higher quality product. These processes mean that bugs are caught earlier in the project, and client visibility into the product is extremely high (so the end result is never a surprise).

- Improve ROI. With short iterative cycles of delivery, at the end of every cycle, the client has a working product. By developing features with the highest business value first, this means that ROI (and profit) can be realized much sooner.

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Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting group has deep understanding of various technologies and thorough knowledge of the industry standard architectures and frameworks on Microsoft .NET and Java platform enabling our clients to select the right technology and implement the right architecture for resolving their business problems.

Services we offer include

- Enterprise architecture and design consulting
- Design and development.
- Customization and further development of existing systems.
- Technical documentation.

Microsoft .NET and SharePoint are key technology focus areas for Trinetra. We have experience in design and implementation of several enterprise scale applications and business solutions on these platforms.

Our Capabilities

Microsoft .net platform

- Web based, service-oriented enterprise solutions, customizations, personalization, multi-lingual support, single-sign-on, security implementation, audit trail, reporting and other instrumentation - Migration and integration services on .NET technology

We provide consulting services

- .NET framework (2.0, 3.5), Enterprise Library,Microsoft Entity framework
- ASP.NET MVC 3 based applications
- Visual Studio 20XX, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET
- Dotnet 3.5 - WCF, Workflow foundation, WPF
- Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, AJAX, Windows Presentation Foundation
- SQL Server 200x


We have a dedicated SharePoint team that has deep technical understanding of the product. We have expertise on Web based content management systems on SharePoint infrastructure